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Share a Bite

Recent estimates have shown that approximately 960,000 people in Hong Kong are living in poverty among which 18% are children under the age of 18 and 30% are elderly citizens. On average, 1 in 3 Hong Kong elderly is living in poverty, and many of them are struggling to meet basic nutritional needs. Further, approximately 1 in 4 deprived children does not have three meals a day.

With this in mind, Fruitmaster have partnered with “Cherish Food” by Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centre to launch the Share a Bite Program, which is designed to help underprivileged families in Hong Kong and in particular families living in Lai Kok Estate, Cheung Sha Wan.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, volunteers from Cherish Food will visit wet markets in the Cheung Sha Wan area including Pei Ho Street Market and Po On Road Market to collect food from grocers who are happy to donate unsold produce. Collected food such as vegetables, fruits and breads will then be arranged into portions and distributed to families in need. Up till now, more than 200 underprivileged families have benefited from the Cherish Food program.

Through “Share a Bite”, Fruitmaster will donate an orange to Cherish food for every order that we receive, and the oranges will be given to Cherish Food at the end of every month. On top of that, Fruitmaster will also donate fruits that did not meet our quality standards to Cherish Food. Fruitmaster emphasize on providing the very best quality fruits to the customers, so fruits that do not meet our strict requirements, but are still good to consume will be passed on for others to enjoy so no food goes to waste. Through the Share a Bite Program we hope to assist those in need by providing the much needed nutrients that are missing from their diets.

Enjoy our fruits and “share a bite” with those in need!

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