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Fruits to kick start the Pig Year!
21 / 01 / 2019

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. As we prepare for the new year, we surely have plenty of festive red color items in mind. In this episode of our fruit blog, the Fruitmaster team will present red color fruits that are in season to help you get ready for Chinese New Year. 

Now you may ask: aren’t most fruits in season during the summer? Which red color fruits are available now besides … say apples? Well, as a matter of fact two of our most popular and beloved fruits, strawberries and cherries, are only available during the winter and they are both red!

The very popular Japanese strawberries are available from December to May, and we will discuss several varieties that are available and their differences.


Nagasaki Yumenoka Strawberries

Yumenoka strawberry from Nagasaki is a cross-bred variety. This variety is well known for not only their high brix level (sugar content) of about 15, but also their firm flesh for a slightly crisper bite. Yumenoka strawberries are only picked when they are almost completely ripe therefore its skin features a bright red color, perfect for the Chinese New Year!


Yumenoka strawberry


Kumamoto Yubeni Strawberries



The Yubeni strawberry is a special cross-bred from five strawberry varieties. It took researchers and farmers more than nine years to cultivate the Yubeni, and it became available in 2016. Yubeni strawberries are best known for their large size and sweetness with brix level of 11. Prior to Yubeni the most popular strawberry variety from Kumamoto was Hinoshizuku, but Hinoshizuku is seldomly cultivated since the arrival of the much superior Yubeni strawberries.




Fukuoa Amaou Strawberries


Finally, the Fukuoa Amaou Strawberries are perhaps the most popular strawberries in Japan. Amaou strawberries are unique for their round shape which can look quite different from traditional strawberries. Amaou are sweet with a soft flesh. It has a brix level of around 13 degrees which suppresses its sourness. Supply of Amaou strawberries have steadily increased each year, hence making them more affordable. When shopping for Amaou, look for the grading on the side of the carton usually marked with “DX” or “G”. We advised to select DX grade Amaou for better appearance and sweeter taste.




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Cherries during the winter months are from countries of the southern hemisphere like Chile, Australia, and Argentina. Here are our Chinese New Year picks:


Tasmania Cherries




In recent years, Tasmania cherries became a hit in Hong Kong. It is not difficult to see why they became so popular. These sensational bite-size treats not only have a beautiful dark red appearance, but also are complemented with a rich, full and creamy flavor. Tasmania cherries are known for their sweetness. When shopping for Tasmania cherries we recommend selecting sizes 28-30mm and 30-32mm. We also advised to look for specific varieties like Regina, Bing, and Kordia. 




Chilean Rainier Cherries (Golden)




Rainier cherries are what many people referred to as Golden Cherries. Their smooth skin has a bright gold and red blush. Rainier cherries are incredibly tasty with brix levels ranging from 17-23 degrees. Rainier cherries supply are usually less than 10% of the entire cherries production, so they can be very limited. Rainiers are also in season for only 2-3 weeks, so they can be sold out very quickly! We highly suggest rainier cherries to be your gift for this Chinese New Year, its gold and red blush will be the perfect charm for any party!


Choosing cherries can be quite troublesome, and it may take years of experience to pick out a good box of cherries. Well don’t worry, we are here to help! Both our Tasmania Cherry and Chilean Rainier Cherry giftboxes have handpicked cherries by our specialists. We make sure that every cherry is in top condition, and our beautifully designed gift box makes the cherries even more presentable as the perfect gift!

We wish everyone a happy new year!

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