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  • Aomori Toki Apple
  • Aomori Toki Apple
  • Aomori Toki Apple

Aomori Toki Apple

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Aomori Toki Apples are well known for its aromatic, crispy and sweet flavour. It is a hybrid of Ourin and Fuji Apples and was registered in 2003. The Toki Apple weighs between 250-400g per fruit with a rounded shape. The fruit has a yellow-green peel with a touch of coral. The flesh is firm and it’s filled with aromatic juice. It has a brix level of around 13-15, the fruit is sweet with a gentle tartness, giving the apple a very refreshing taste.

There are around 15,000 apple varieties in the world, and you can find 2,000 of them in Japan, especially in Aomori Prefecture – Japan’s No. 1 apple producer. Aomori prefecture is the north-most prefecture in Japan, it faces the Pacific Ocean on the east and Japan Sea on the west. It has the most perfect climate and fertile land for growing apples.

As Japan’s largest apple producer, Aomori also have a relatively advanced method for storing apples. In order to keep the apple fresh and prolong its shelf life, the farmers in Aomori have adopted “Controlled Atmosphere storage”. It is an atmosphere in which oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen concentrations as well as temperature and humidity are regulated so the ripening process of the apples are postponed without the use of any chemicals. By using this method, we can enjoy fresh apples anytime of the year.

How to select:
A good apple should be firm to touch when pressed gently. Apples that are noticeably soft are or indent easily after being pressed should be avoided. Specks or scuffs are markings from nature and are not signs that the apple is bad, but bruising or other signs of decay almost guarantees a bad apple.

Nutritional Value:
Apples are high in Vitamin C, Fiber and loads of antioxidants. The high number of flavonoids in Toki Apple greatly reduces the risk of heart disease. It is also said that by biting and chewing apple, it stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay and will give you whiter and healthier teeth. 

Storage method:
Apples have a longer shelf life than most other fruits, they can be kept at room temperature for a short time for up to three days. But in order to maximize the freshness, you should keep the Toki apples in the refrigerator and they can stay fresh and crisp for up to several weeks. Also, it is recommended that you put apples in the plastic bags and store them separately with other fruits and vegetables, since apples give off ethylene and can cause other fruits or vegetables to spoil faster.

Interesting fact: The world record of the heaviest apple belongs to a Hokuto apple, which is a hybrid of Fuji and Mutsu apple. The record holding apple was grown in Hirosaki city in Aomori prefecture, and weighted in at 1,849 grams (that’s more than 14 Apple iPhone 6s!). 

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