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Kyoho are Japanese grapes primarily grown in Yamanashi and Nagano prefectures. These delicious grapes have high sugar content and mild acidity. Kyoho are available from June to November, and they can be both seeded and seedless. Kyoho is a “slip-skin” variety which means they have thick skin that can be easily peeled off. The skin is edible but we suggest removing it before eating. Kyoho has that old fashioned grape jelly flavor and it is especially meaty with lots of juice.

In the early 20th century, Japanese grape breeders cross-bred existing dark grape varieties Ishiharawase and Centennial to create Kyoho. The basis of its name Kyoho (giant mountain) is from Mount Fuji for its enormous size. The new breed became very popular in Japan, and are now accountable for one third of all grapes consumed in Japan. Generally, Kyohos are harvested twice per year. Once harvested they are graded for color, size, and deficiencies. Top grade Kyohos can be very expensive even during peak season. 

How to Select:
A good bunch of Kyoho grapes should be free of wrinkles and bruises. The texture of the grapes should be firm but not rock hard, and the color should be dark and should have a glossy glow.

Nutritional Value:
Kyohos are low in sodium, and are free of fat and cholesterol. They offer vitamin C, potassium, thiamine and dietary fiber.

Storage Method:
Kyoho can be refrigerated for up to ten days, but as always we recommend eating them quickly for freshness and taste.

Interesting Fact: The most expensive bunch of grapes in the world was sold in July 2016 from Japan. However, it was not the Kyoho that won, but rather a bunch of Ruby Roman grapes that sold for 1.1 million yen (that’s 2695HKD per grape!). 

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